You deserve to be a wealthy woman, and it's time to begin your journey.

  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck ?

  • Have you been afraid of what others will think if you admit the changes you've been dreaming of making?

  • Do you look at your money and know you could have, and should have, more?

  • Does it feel impossible to change your financial situation?

  • Do you feel guilty about your spending?

  • Does talking about money bring up shame and embarrassment?

4 Weeks to Financial Well-Being

An Easy to Follow Framework to Assess Your Finances,
Create a Plan and Execute So Your Money Can Work For You!

Begins June 1, 2022

  • Week 1
    Setting a Foundation for Wealth

    The journey to wealth begins with the first step and you’ll begin by:

    > Creating a snapshot of your current financial picture since you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

    > Learning how to think like a millionaire since your thoughts become your words and your words turn into actions, and millionaires have millionaire minds.

    > Routinely using a Net Worth Tracker to hold yourself accountable as you work toward your goals.

  • Week 2
    Budgeting to Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

    This is where it gets fun as you set your financial and lifestyle goals for the next one, five and 10 years. In this module you’ll learn to:

    > Manage your income so you can live life on your own terms

    > Recover from a spending setback

    > Eradicate debt, reduce money stress, and create a cash reserve to guarantee you’ll never again have to whip out a credit card for emergencies.

  • Week 3
    Putting Your Money to Work

    Now you’re ready to start investing and in week three you’ll get:

    > Clear, straightforward instructions on how to create passive income

    > An introduction to Index Funds and ETFs

    > An investment portfolio Analysis

  • Week 4
    Investing for Accelerated Growth and Massive Wealth

    Here you’ll hop on the fast train to financial freedom by investing in emerging markets including:

    > Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metaverse, etc.

    > Innovation stocks and ETFs

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Bootcamp + Group Coaching + Accountability

Just $597

Step-by-Step Action Plans to Financial Freedom
4 Group Coaching Calls with Alicia in June
Peer Accountability Group

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2 payments of $300 each, (second payment after 15 days)

Bootcamp + Group Coaching + Accountability + 1:1 Session with Alicia + Women in Action Membership

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60-minute 1:1 Session with Alicia (usually $449)
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Payment Plan :
3 payments of $475 each, every week

Think financial independence is a fantasy?

Beginning at age 21, with virtually no financial assets and a moderate non-profit sector income, Alicia built a multi-million dollar investment portfolio by her early thirties. She then achieved complete financial independence by the time she’d hit her early forties

Alicia now guides women of color across the globe on their wealth-building journeys. Using her years of experience and well-honed expertise, she has developed a significant following among women who seek her wisdom, advice, and coaching to win at wealth building. 

Through her company, Journey to Wealth, Alicia works with thousands of women on wealth- building strategies that include investing in real estate, the stock market, cryptocurrency and other equity ventures. She also teaches money management skills and strategies that help women achieve financial freedom for themselves and their families.  

Start Trusting In Your Ability To Make Financial Decisions That Are Right For You

Whether you want to stop worrying about retirement or start investing in crypto, this Bootcamp will give you a foundation for your financial freedom.

Testimonials from Journey to Wealth

“Not only am I investing in my future, I'm investing in my children's future, I'm investing in my grandchildren's future, and with the knowledge that I've gotten from Alicia, I feel very empowered.”

— Sheila

“We really take a deeper look about our past, our money stories, our upbringing, and all of the thoughts that we had about money and how we can rewire these.”

— Melonie

“I had a lot of fear around money. I was miserable at my job but afraid to quit. Through Alicia’s coaching I was able to quit my job and start my own business. Now I’m launching a DAO!”

— Amy


“Alicia makes sure women of color are just as fly and financially independent and stable as we can be.”

— Stacy

“I had a lot of fear around money. I was miserable at my job but afraid to quit. Through Alicia’s coaching I was able to quit my job and start my own business. Now I’m launching a DAO!”

— A

Journey To Wealth Bootcamp is For YOU
If you are ready to...

  • Shed limiting beliefs around money–and stand for your rightful worth.
  • Stop worrying about unexpected expenses with a right-sized emergency fund.
  • Be able to invest in what matters most to you–no matter what your current income is.
  • Create your own path to financial freedom and learn how to live off your investments.